C. Rae Interiors is passionate about creating spaces that are timeless in style as well as function. Every project is unique. Our clients’ own individual and personal style is what inspires us to create an exclusive, distinctive solution that is theirs and theirs alone. Each commission is always approached in a custom manner. Our goal is not to impose a style, but rather to develop spaces that are perfectly adapted to each place and each client. We are eager to have our clients involved in every step of a project so their personalities, desires and intentions influence and enhance our ideas.

C.Rae’s highest aim is to make your dreams a reality. Your space should be a reflection and an extension of your personality and lifestyle.


Cindy Cohen, founder and principal, brings 30 years experience to her interior and architectural design business. Her proficiency and artistry will bring your vision to life. Cindy has a unique ability to aptly, intuitively, and professionally create harmonious, sophisticated spaces with layers of both artistry and impeccable workmanship.

There is a forever quality to C.Rae’s work. Space is pure, there is beauty in every aspect of her design and exquisite attention to detail.


Our preliminary objective is to define the scope and the project needs.

There is a purpose and intention with every stroke of the pencil as we begin the design process and develop sketches and plans. Form always follows function, our spaces make sense. We thoroughly design every aspect of a project, space planning, architectural details and selections, lighting/plumbing layout and selections. We design and detail cabinetry, develop construction documents, select all materials and finishes, design and select furniture, fabric and accessories. We coordinate bids, contractors, and often serve as the contractor. We manage the logistics of the project construction phase and the follow-through of purchases, delivery, and installation.

We also collaborate with other architectural firms throughout the country on projects varying in scale from 10,000 to 2 million square feet. Our projects range from a few hundred dollar purchases to multi-million dollar projects.

We are our clients best friend as we guide them through the process from start to finish helping them fall in love everyday with our designs and selections.

Cindy Cohen

Founder + Designer